Monday, November 28, 2011

season's greeting! happy holidays! merry x-mas!

...or in other words Merry Christmas!!!

welcome back to the "most wonderful time of the year!"

everybody knows that I love the Christmas season, and pretty much everything about it.

Like I said, from my post last year, I'm not the type that gets extremely stressed out about the Christmas rush, so this time of year is very uplifting for me.  In two weeks, I'm done with this quarter of the school year, so I pretty much have nothing to stress about, and I can just enjoy my life. 

But, up there (where I said "pretty much everything") there is one thing that really irritates me about this season.  And you might know where I'm going with this, but, it's the fact that some people are offended by the word "Christmas", so you "have to be careful" about who you actually say "Merry Christmas" to.  I'm sorry, but when did Christmas start offending people? Now we have to start saying "Happy Holidays"?  Last time I checked, there is a lot more holidays throughout the year, so can we say Happy Holidays then too? If you ask people what their favorite holiday is, and it happens to be Christmas, what do they say? "Um, that one holiday that happens on the 25th of December", no, they say "Christmas!".

Okay, so all you non-tolerant people need to get it through your heads, the name of the holiday is "Christmas" therefore you say "Merry Christmas". Just like on Thanksgiving, you say "Happy Thanksgiving", or on Fourth of July, people say "Happy Fourth of July!".

So the point being, say what you wanna say this Christmas Season. But no matter what, the name of the holiday is still Christmas.  And no matter what happens, that's what I'll always  call it.

So, Merry Christmas for this whole season to you all.

On another note, starting in December, I'll be doing a "Song Countdown" until Christmas day. So, each day I'll post a Christmas song, maybe give a few words about it, maybe not, up until Christmas day.  I will still try to do my regular posting, but keep checking everyday for the "song of the day". And I will forewarn you now, the songs will most likely be sung by country singers, because that's what I have a lot of. But there will be a few here and there that won't (I already have some picked out).

Again, have a blessed Christmas season!

signing off, this is chezzy louise :) 


  1. I love the Christmas season too - and you'll hear Merry Christmas, not Happy Holidays from me! I also love Christmas music!

  2. Yup - Merry Christmas!!

  3. oh - target has a sign up that said Merry Christmas!!! I was happily surprised!!!