Tuesday, November 22, 2011

a long post, but the end of (what seemed like) a decade...

day 27, 28, 29, and 30 (yes, all in one post)

just finishing this 30 day challenge up before thanksgiving and Christmas begin.

day 27: a picture of myself with a family member

well, since i've had all my other family members in this challenge, it's shaelyn's turn.

this goofy, silly, very loud, and SUPER energetic girl has definitely changed my life
(yes, for the better)

10 yrs. ago, I never would have imagined my life like it is today.

you were definitely a "missing piece" of our puzzling family, and that is why you fit so nicely in with us.

day 28: a picture of something i'm scared of

this one doesn't need too many words. SPIDERS!

they are digusting creepy-crawly animals that do not need to be so numerous on this earth. (especially in my house). i don't think i will ever find a place in my heart for them. i don't see them as one of God's beautiful creatures. and i will take a vacuum to them any day.
they completely gross me out.

day 29: a picture that can always make me smile

there is a lot of pictures that make me smile, so i looked back at some old photos.
(i love looking back at the "good ole days" when i was so care-free in life).

i just made a collage of photos that all make me smile or laugh and here's what i came up with:

day 30: a picture of someone i miss

well, i can't pick and choose favorites on this one.

three of my grandparents have all passed away. they were the closest ones to me that have gone to Heaven. so, again, i just made a collage of my grandparents that are all watching over me right now in Heaven. although i miss them, i feel very safe to have 3 guardian angels all looking out for me.

so there it is, this 30 day challenge is done.

and with that, this is chezzy louise signing off.

(i'll probably, most likely, see you on thanksgiving)


  1. Great post! First I have to say that when you were younger we thought we might never hear that you thought Shaelyn changed your life for the better. :) We're glad she's part of the family too.
    Love the other pictures too - what great memories!

  2. love those pictures!