Wednesday, July 27, 2011

day 12

okay, up to day 12: a picture of something i love

not really much need for explanation here, but...

something i love: organization!!!! yes, i also love animals and country music. but i thought i'd do something a little unique, that you wouldn't expect

so, organization it is

signing off, this is chezzy louise :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

30 day challenge

day 11 - a picture of something i hate

easy, texting. i do think that texting has it's benefits, but it's gotten way out of control. it really gets under my skin when people can't keep their hands off their phone for 10 minutes. get a life!!!

if people are going to sit and text back and forth constantly, "just call them". i have used texting to send someone a quick message, but if you're going to have a whole conversation with them, it really is better to call.

i think the reason it really annoys me is because i always seem to have a problem with it in the worst of places (where texting is totally unnecessary): a movie theatre and school.

so, day 11 - a picture of something i hate: texting

signing off, this is chez

Thursday, July 21, 2011

so many problems

...yet so many great people

i just came to a great realization last night. we all know that there are a bunch of horrible things going on this world, and there are so many organizations all asking for your help, time, money, etc. the problem is, you want to help each one of these organizations, but you don't have the time or the money to donate to each and every one.

 well, i was on the internet last night, and i was reading about yet another organization asking for help. and this thought came across my mind, i'm thinking "who do i support, who do i help?"

well, first off, you can help every organization through
prayer. every time you think of a problem in this world, just stop and pray for them a minute. it's easy, and you'll feel like you've helped. secondly, you can specifically help out one or two organizations that are really close to your heart.

i have two things very dear and near to me, the first is my love for animals. because i love animals, i hate animal abuse, and all animal abusers. i don't understand why people think it's okay to abuse animals, or abuse in general. so, i love the SPCA organization. this organization rescues abused animals, and finds a home for them. (they're the ones that have that really sad commercial with sarah mclachlan, that always make you cry).

the second thing is adoption, and adoption advocacy. so, i love the Show Hope foundation. they are a really great agency that Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife started after adopting their daughter Shaohannah from China. this agency gives financial grants to people who want to adopt, but cannot afford it. they also help you with every step of the adoption process. (click on the banner on the right side of my blog to learn more about them). Show Hope has given so many people the option to adopt because they now have financial help they needed. they also have a prayer calendar on their website that you can use to pray for different things each day. they also organize mission trips throughout the year that people may go on. Show Hope has made a difference in so many people's lives.

so, these two organizations are very important to me, and it makes it so much easier to give my support to each organization. and, because each of them support something i really care about. hopefully you found this as helpful as i did.

signing off for now, this is the wifferwoo.
hugs, <3 <3, and :) :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

there is a God

...and our God is for real

how can you say there is no God when you look outside and see the beauty of his creation? my pastor showed this video at the end of his sermon in church this morning. it really amazed me. so prepared to be amazed.

There is a God, and our God is for real.
signing off, this is chez
hugs, <3 <3, and :) :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

and the blog 30 day challenge continues

day 10 - a picture of the person you do the most messed up/crazy things with

i do a lot of crazy stuff in general, but they generally happen mostly with my best friend, kristin. through thick and thin, we're always there for eachother. and although we may be serious at times (well, almost never), every one of our conversations ends in us laughing hysterically. every time we see eachother, crazy things are going to happen, no matter what.

so, the person i do the most crazy things with: kristin
(this pic is from almost 2 yrs. ago at a corn maze with youth group. as you can see, it got a lil' bit crazy)

signing off for now, i'm miss louise.
hugs, <3 <3 and :) :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

blessings (cont...)

so yesterday i wrote about counting your blessings. today is a continuation from that, but with a different song. can you guess who might the artist might be?

brad paisley! anyways, he has a song on his new cd called "one of those lives". it talks about how people say "it's just been one of those days", but then it goes to say that we have no right to complain because for some it's one of those lives. 

our lives are something we always take for granted, and we need to remember that somewhere out there, somebody else has it worse than you. so, everybody has trials and hardships, and bad days, but it could be worse.

we also need to remember that, there is somebody who is thinking of you (unless you are above everyone else on this earth). if you are praying for those who don't have it as good as you do, somebody else who has it better than you is also praying for others.

so, count your blessings, pray for others, and you will be blessed.

signing off for now, this is chezzy 


well, not much to write about this, but...

laura story's latest song "blessings" just started to get to me. so, i decided to blog a bit about it. it's all about how we all have trials and hardships in life, but God can give us blessings through those trials. 

i found a movie for this song, so i'll let the song do the rest of the job.

always count your blessings in life, especially during those times when you feel there is none, and you will see how much you really are blessed.
signing off, this is chezzy louise

Saturday, July 9, 2011

i'm back...from a wonderful week

well, i had an awesome 4th of july week at the campground. i started the 4th with the wonderful parade that used to be a tradition until we started camping, but this year me and my katelyn went. 
waiting before the parade

the marines
after the parade, we headed out to the campground to join the rest of the family, and my uncle to celebrate with them. we played games and had a wonderful supper. 

at night, i went out with katelyn and alex to watch the musical fountains and fireworks.

the rest of the week was spent relaxing by the campground. we had a cousin come visit on tuesday, my friend came and visited on wednesday, and friday we had more family come and visit. it was completely full of R&R, games, and laughs (mixed with a little sunburn, that turned into a nice tan!).

and of course, we ended the week with a beautiful sunset by the beach.

it was an awesome time

Sunday, July 3, 2011

have you forgotten

over the past few years, our nation has grown more and more hateful of the war.
while i don't really like war in general, we need to remember that this world isn't perfect, and wars will happen. some for the wrong reasons, and others for good reasons. 

all the wars in Africa right now would be an example of wars that should not be happening, but, as i said, the world isn't perfect. the war we, America, are fighting against the terrorists has a point to it. we want to get stop the terrorists, and let the people who live in the mid-East to live in freedom. therefore, this war is not unnecessary. 

okay, so we didn't need to go and stick our noses where they don't belong, but who threw the first punch? and yes, i'm saying "they started it". in other words, we didn't really stick our nose in their business until they decided to attack us. if you mess with America, we'll throw the mess right back at you. 

so, remember, support our troops and what they're fighting for. support America and who we really are. support everything America stands for. we fight for freedom, liberty, and justice (and, well, a little payback)
"if you don't want to stand for the troops, feel free to stand in front of them"