Wednesday, August 31, 2011

day 16

day 16: a picture of somebody who inspires you
bethany hamilton is truly an inspiring and amazing person, there's no need for explanation for that. to be able to surf alone is hard enough. but then to get back in the water again and become a pro-surfer with only one arm! it makes me want to work at things even harder in life. "if at first you don't succeed...try try again".

never give up!

<3 chezzy louise :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

bieber fever v. cyrus virus (the finale)

so, 6 months ago from today, i promised you guys i'd give you an update on my feelings about miley cyrus and justin bieber in this post. well, it's been 6 months already, and i have to say my feelings have changed a bit for each of them.

i'll start off with miley. i do have to admit, we have not heard anything about her at all in the media lately (which hopefully means that she's been keeping herself controlled). i don't know if she is just hiding from paparazzi, or if they aren't catching her on anything (but, let's all be honest, is it even possible to hide from the paparazzi, especially for someone like that). so, i still think she completely went the wrong way in life. but i'm hoping that maybe she's fixing herself up a bit, and is just trying to put her life back together. so, to sum it up, i do believe there's some hope for her yet.

moving onto bieber (and in this situation, i do realize 6 months isn't a real long time, but it's enough to be taken over by popularity). but, anyways, i still respect him, and no i do not have, nor will i ever catch bieber fever. i will listen to some of his songs (every once in a while), but i'm not obsessed, nor a huge fan. but if i met him, i wouldn't mind talking to him. if i see him on tv, i don't go "ugghh, it's bieber". needless to say, he does look a lot better since his haircut and i do realize some of his songs/music videos may be cheesy, but obviously some girls love love his music. everybody has a different taste in music, and some is meant for different ages (how many tweens do you see rockin' out to hymns played on the organ, most would probably say "ugggh" to that). yes, bieber may still be a bit full of himself at times, but it happens way less than it did when he first became really popular. so, to sum this one up: i don't hate bieber, nor do i LOVE him. but i like and respect him, he still stands as a good role model for younger kids.

in the end, i guess my feelings have changed for the better in the last 6 months. and i will be prepared to share my feelings next time they change for either of these two. but for now, i am pretty much neutral on both of them, but i respect bieber (miley will have to do a lot more than "not be in the media" to earn my respect for her back)

for now, i am signing off. good night friends. :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

hate: the strongest weapon

i recently watched a movie called "Amish Grace". it was about the Amish shooting at the school in Nickel Mines, PA. it was a really great movie that can teach us all about forgiveness. i really recommend you watch it if you have the chance.

but, i also learned something else from this movie, that kind of goes along with forgiveness (it's what i say is the first step in forgiveness), and that is to not hate the person that should be forgiven.

in one scene of the movie, the younger sister of one of the girls who was shot was sitting in the room talking with her dad. she was saying how she hated the man who had shot the girls. her dad responded to her by saying that she could go ahead and hate the man all she wanted. he said it was completely understandable to hate that man, but (of course) he continued...

he asked her how she felt with all of the hate inside her, good and happy, or mad and angry? and (obviously), she said it didn't feel good.

so, you can go ahead and hate people and feel angry at them for something they did, but how is that going to make you feel? of course you want to get revenge at them, who doesn't? but eventually you have to let go. and it is very hard. that's the part that makes forgiveness so hard, you may say "sure, i forgave them", but if you're still angry with them, then they're really not forgiven.

first let go of the anger building up inside of you, the past is the past. you may not understand why they did what they did (a lot of times there is no reason), but it doesn't matter. what matters is that YOU will feel better for letting go of it all, whether they feel sorry or not, whether they are still angry or not (it actually makes me laugh when the person who caused the whole mess in the first place is the one who's still mad about it).

but anyways, to make a long story short: hate is the strongest weapon, but love is even stronger. let go of your hate, then forgive.

signing off 4 now, i'm chez

(oh, and here's the link for the trailer to the movie:

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

i'm back, with day 15

so, it's been a bit, and i decided to get back to my 30 day challenge...

on to day 15: a picture of something i wish to do before i die

adoption! ever since i was little i have always dreamed of adopting a little girl from china. my parents ended up doing just that, and it definitely has changed my world, and made me want to adopt even more. so, i'm hoping that after a few years of marriage, that me and my (future) husband will be able to adopt as well. and yes, i have expanded my horizons a bit, and don't want to do just china. i'm hoping to adopt from (as well as china), ethiopia (or somewhere in africa), and guatemala.

i don't really have a bucket list, but if i did, this would really be the only thing on it.

so anyways, adoption is something i really really hope to do before i die.

this is chezzy louise, and i'll check back in soon! :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

awesome cake cutter

this is one of the coolest things i have ever seen. it is a cake cutter where you can put in however many pieces you want it to cut, and it will cut them perfectly even. wouldn't this be handy for a birthday party?

signing off, i'm chezzy 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

30 day challenge - day 14

day 14 - a picture of someone you can never imagine your life without

that would be my dad. without him in my life, i don't know if i would be able to do half the stuff i can do now. there are so many things he has taught me, that nobody else would be able to teach me (and have me understand it).

not only that, but if he was not in my life, i don't know where my whole family would be today. he leads the family in a great manner.

his strength keeps making me stronger (both mentally and physically). you fit in with the rest of this crazy family by always making me laugh. and although you will probably never read this, i love you, and so does the rest of your family.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

she's going places...

i'm positive that anyone who reads this knows the whole thing about casey anthony. i'm not going to get into the whole court case issue, and whether or not casey killed her daughter or not (although i do believe casey should not be walking the streets today); but, anyways, i'm focusing on who this was really about, caylee.

the focus is her, she was the one who had her life taken way too soon, and she was the one who was the most innocent out of anybody in this whole story. gary levox (from rascal flatts) along with cledus t. judd and jimmy yeary all co-wrote this song for caylee (with shane hines as the singer) as a tribute. it is really sweet, and it might make you cry, but it is great tribute that keeps the focus on who this is really about.

signing off, this is chezzy louise

Monday, August 1, 2011

day 13

well, here it is, day 13 (personally, my favorite)

day 13: a picture of my favorite singer

well, i'm pretty sure that anyone who has known me for 10 minutes, knows that this would be brad paisley (for many reasons).
-is a great guy overall
-always makes you laugh
-is very friendly
-sings country (but also includes a Christian song on each of his cd's) 
-many of his songs have a great message to them
-has a great personality
-doesn't let his popularity over-take his personal life
-and again, to reiterate my first point, he is a great guy

 signing off, this is chezzy