Monday, February 28, 2011

bieber fever v. cyrus virus

You all know that i am an avid country-music lover, but that doesn't mean i know nothing about any other types of music (not much, but i know about the really big stars).  so, yes i've heard of bieber and miley, they're all over the media, so there is no way you really couldn't.  anyways, i first started out liking miley a lot, she was a great role model for younger kids and she knew how to act in public.  sadly, she is no longer like that at all, and i no longer like her at all.  in other words, she was treated like a spoiled brat, and now she is acting like one. 

Now for the other side, (and yes, may also be sad).  when bieber first came out, i, along with many others hated him (as i do miley).  he was very full of himself, when he really didn't have that great of a voice.  but, now, as i keep hearing his songs, i am starting to catch the "bieber fever".  no, i don't think he's that cute, and he definitely needs a new hairdo, but i am starting to respect him more.  he is a much better role model than miley is now, and it makes me wonder how many of his fans used to be miley's? i don't know if he will stay this way due to his rise to fame, and yes he can still be full of himself at times, but he does have talent.  i am not going out to see his movie any time soon, but i've heard from people (who were not fans), they saw the movie, and have said he really does have talent.  so, here, i'm admitting it, i do like justin bieber.  i'm not an avid fan and i don't scream every time i see him somewhere (as i do for brad paisley), but i do like and respect him (for now).

i know many of you are thinking, "it's like choosing between the lesser of 2 evils", but really, miley may be somewhat evil, but is bieber really that evil? he may be a little annoying, and not-so-good-looking, but he is not evil. 6 months from today, i will update, giving my opinion on both of them again (assuming things will change, hopefully for the better in miley's case). and for the pictures, i just used the cover picture from each of their latest cd's. 
                    signing off 4 now, chez

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

grace like rain

     This is kind of a continuation of my "little bits of Heaven" post.  I made a video with a bunch of different pictures of "little bits of Heaven".  I was trying to decide what song to put with it.  I was scanning through them and, although a lot of pictures aren't really of rain, "grace like rain" stood out.  No matter how you're feeling in life, this song is always fitting.  "Grace like Rain" is one of my favorite songs, it describes the overall love of Jesus.  My favorite line, "grace like rain, falls down over me" it describes how the grace of God really works.  Just like rain washes all the "dirtiness" away, grace washes all the stains of your soul away.  I'll let the song do the rest of the work...
signing off, this is Chezzy Louise

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

a little bit of Heaven

yes, i'm still here, and very much alive and healthy.  i've just never gotten around to posting due to lack of time and ideas.  this quarter of school is enjoyable, but i don't have a whole lot of spare time, and when i do, i don't use it to write a post on nothing. so, i finally thought of something to write about.
i absolutely love the drive home from college, it takes just under one hour, and i get to see many different beautiful scenes on the way. i drive home from about 4-5, so it's the perfect lighting from the sun (when it's shining) to see a lot of beautiful things. in the morning, it's really too dark to see much. 
i am never really able to stop and pull over to get pictures (esp. on the highway), but i have found a few on the internet that give you all a good idea of what i see, you've all seen pictures like this before i'm sure; but even driving through them twice a week i am still amazed every single time, i just love it.
as i was driving home today i thought "wow, my drive is absolutely awesome", yes it does get slippery a lot now that it's winter, but Jesus has the wheel, he will tell me what i need to do to keep from getting seriously injured.  (if i do happen to get injured, we all know it's just the devil trying to wiggle his way in). but i know i'll always be safe.  another thing i thought while looking at the sun shining down through the clouds: "this is a glimpse of heaven" i know it will be much more glorious than that.  but if we're all astounded when we see that, i can't even imagine how amazed we will be when we get to heaven, it will be absolutely wonderful.  anyways, here are some of the "bits of heaven" i get to see:

signing off for (only a short while),
this is chezzy louise