Friday, April 22, 2011

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

30 day challenge - day 04

well, day 04 was actually supposed to be a picture of my night. but i changed it to a picture from my favorite night, b/c i'm not really doing this day-by-day, and my night would bore you to tears if i explained it to you. although doing a picture of my favorite night is a bit harder, it might be a bit more interesting.

so, day 04: a picture of my favorite night

i chose one that happened recently because i can remember it the most. it's from the superbowl of 2011, it was def. the superbowl that i was the most into. a family friend of ours came over because her tv doesn't work that well, and she was really into it. we all got kinda crazy about it. then, the packers won, and we were jumping out of our seats. we would do a special touchdown dance every time they got a touchdown (or even if they just got a kick, or whatever you call it). it was a great night!

(p.s., millie really enjoyed it too)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

30 day challenge: day 3

a picture of the cast from your favorite tv show
my favorite is definitely criminal minds. mentalist is a close 2nd, but i love crime shows in general. criminal minds is my favorite because that one always has the most interesting stories, and i love the cast. who doesn't love the hot derek morgan, and of course dr. reid?

i am also a huge fan of reality shows (well, competitive ones). survivor is my favorite reality show, i've been watching it from the very beginning and have loved it every season. my family is very competitive, so competitive shows like survivor really get me excited.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

30 day challenge - day 2

     day 02: a picture of somebody i've been closest to the longest

the person i've been closest to the longest is definitely my sister. she is the one i can share all my secrets with, laugh with, and always depend on. being only three years apart, and constantly being with her, it was kind of hard to not be close to her eventually. we do have our differences, but our similarities make up for it. "a sister is a best friend who is always there"

Saturday, April 2, 2011

30 day challenge {blog style} - day 1

well, because i seem to have nothing really interesting to write about. i'm going to do this 30 day challenge thing on my blog. it's really for facebook, and i am doing it on facebook. but i'm putting it on my blog to at least have something to write about. (hopefully y'all find it at least somewhat interesting). 1: a picture of myself with twenty facts (some of which you may or may not know)

1: i would've never made it this far in my life without God by my side (always there to catch me when i fall)
2: i would love to try surfing, even though i know i would do horrible
3: i love to dance, and may not be the best at it
4: i am a popaholic, but am working on becoming less of an addict to it
5: i also love chocolate milk (actually more than pop, but don't have access to it as much as pop)
6: i LOVE country music
7: (cont. from #6) i LOVE LOVE LOVE brad paisley (you shoulda known that)
8: my favorite family movie is cars (and brad paisley might have something to do with that)
9: my favorite "non-family" movie is pirates, or national treasure, or lord of the rings
10: i love my family and friends a lot. one or the other, or both are always there for me
11: i am also a laughaholic. i laugh really easily (it runs in the family)
12: i also tend to cry really easily, especially when it comes to animals (also runs in the family)
13: millie is my baby, and nermie is my cutie pie
14: i am an animal lover
15: i want to have 5 or 6 kids (maybe 4, depending on financial status)
16: none of those kids will be biological, because i am not getting pregnant
17: guatemala was an amazing vision trip that made me way more greatful for what i have
18: high school was not the worst years of my life, but i am starting to like college more
19: middle school was not the worst years of my life, but certainly the least enjoyable (esp. 7th grade)
20: my new year's "resolution" of 2011 is to find a boyfriend, no luck thus far