Friday, November 11, 2011

day 24 (6 more to go!!!)

day 24: a picture of something i wish i could stop

There's a lot of answers to this one...
but, being an animal-lover, I'd have to say animal abuse.

It breaks my heart every time I see an animal die, get hurt, or lost, but it really angers me when it's a result of abuse from someone who simply just doesn't have a heart.
I really don't understand how someone can just beat, burn, drown, hang, etc. and animal, it's so frustrating that there's only so much I can do, and yet, abuse still continues to happen everyday. 

If I could do anything to put an immediate end to this cruelty, I would.  I would give my life to stop it.  But, because that (obviously) doesn't work, I do what I can.  I plan to go further in stopping animal abuse (when I have a bit more money) and pray that one day, animal abuse laws will be stricter to make people a bit more "afraid" to abuse animals.

And I do realize that there is also child abuse going on out there too, and I support those causes just as much.  But because so many are aware, and there's so many charities for that, I feel the need to bring awareness about animal abuse.  I simply just have a huge space in my heart for animals, and I will never give that up.  Animals are the one of the things that really make me feel better. It's music for some, a close relative or friend for others, and for me it's animals (esp. my own pets).

So with that, I'll be signing off.
Until next time, this is Chezzy Louise
Have a great weekend :)

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