Tuesday, November 30, 2010

the most wonderful time of the year!

     it's that time of year again! the time of the year that i enjoy the most. not to say that the rest of the year i don't enjoy. but i absolutely love the christmas season. i love the decorations, lights, trees, food, music, snow, celebrating Jesus' birth, getting together with family, presents, and anything else i may have forgotten. i'm not the type of person who gets stressed over this type of stuff, trying to quick buy that last gift or two last minute. i just go with the flow, and if i happen to have the time and money, i will go out shopping for the presents i need to get. i might get a little flustered trying to figure out what to get, but nothing that gets me up in a tizzy.
     for me, christmas is a joyful time, and it should be for everyone else too, even if you have to be wth some people that may annoy you, your mother-in-law, that crazy uncle, that annoying cousin or two, a cranky aunt. when you are forced to have to see them on christmas, don't let it get to you, enjoy the fact that you have a family to spend it with, i'm sure there are other people in the family who you really get along with. christmas is meant to be a day of joy, love, and laughter, even if it's spent with somebody who doesn't know the meaning of any or just one of those words. God gave us his son, and we are celebrating that, why should we be so unhappy and stressed about that.
throughout the christmas season, if you find yourself really stressed, just sit down and relax for a bit. pray, read a Bible verse, think of something that you are looking forward too, and remember that God is right there with you. those last few sentences could go with anytime of the year, but with it being the christmas season, a lot of people are usually more stressed during this season than they are the rest of the year. but whenever you feel stressed, just relax, God will get you through it. and with that, the wifferwoo is signing off, have a blessed christmas season.   

Thursday, November 25, 2010

happy thanksgiving!!

happy thanksgiving everybody! i want to give a special happy thanksgiving to two indians (i thought it was fitting). okay so they aren't really indians, but a special one to katelyn and kath, i hope you enjoy it even without your family there, we are always thinking of you over here. in church this morning, there was a kid's message about the very first thanksgiving, and how the pilgrims were so thankful even after 90 Indians showed up at their feast, when they were only expecting a few. the next thanksgiving, they only had 5 kernels of corn on each plate, so each pilgrim stood up and listed five things they were thankful for.  so i'm going to give you five things i'm thankful for.
1. freedom: to live in a country where we have so much of it
2. God: to live in a place where i can hear about God everyday
3. family and friends: people that have stuck by me my entire life
4. music: listening to it in church this morning, it was absolutely
amazing (especially country and christmas music)
5. beauty in the world: all of these wonders that God has made, it's
so amazing to see it everyday. even if you don't live by mountains
or by an ocean, you can still see his majesty from the tiniest snowflake
or raindrop, to the biggest tree in the sky. it is all equally beautiful

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

the other half

well, i'm here again, to introduce you to the other half of the household pets.  we'll start with the simple ones, missie and lexi. missie is katelyn's cat, she loves and adores being held and snuggled with. she enjoys sitting on people's laps, and will do almost anything for attention. she does have problems meowing though, it's a normal meow, but with the first half silent. so it sounds like "ow", we find it quite funny actually.
next, there's lexi. she's the family dog. other than being terriorial with her food, and being easily scared while sleeping (which then leads to her barking and almost tearing a limb off), she is a very gentle and easy-loving dog. she is very good with any age, but is very protective of the people she knows. if she meets somebody for the first time, with one of us there, she'll be there friend right away. she is (mostly) very obedient and will listen to our commands. she is a wonderful dog.
and then, there's meka, this could take up more than one post, but i'll try to keep it as short as possible. she belongs to shaelyn. and, although she may look like a cat, there's more to her than this curious-eyed "cutie". she may look cute, but she is extremely naughty, after getting her we learned the true meaning of the phrase: "curiosity killed the cat". we think there is also tiger, otter, and monkey in her body. she is extremely naughty, and, did i mention curious. she would be the cat on those posters you see with a picture of a cat looking in a mirror and seeing a tiger.  yeah, that's her. she absolutely, without-a-doubt HATES being snuggled or even held. she will meow for attention, but we never know what to do to her b/c she always backs away from any human contact. she is not scared of ANYTHING, she is "super-cat" (if she is scared of something, she won't show it). she also thinks that people are really dumb. for instance if she can't see us, then we surely can't see her, even if her whole body, but her head is showing. and, one last thing, if she had laser eyes, or "if looks could kill", we (meaning my whole family) would all be dead. signing off for now, this is the wifferwoo.  

Saturday, November 20, 2010

why i love country music

some people will ask me how, or why, in the world i could even listen to country music.  well, i love country music because of what it is. not just because of the twang and acoustic guitars, but because of the people, meanings of songs, and the songs themselves. while watching the cma's a few weeks ago, i was watching my favorite singer perform a brand new song, and i knew right then and there, THAT is country music. it suddenly became my new favorite country song.  here it is, Brad Paisley and This is Country Music:

You're not supposed to say the word "cancer" in a song.
And tellin' folks Jesus is the answer can rub 'em wrong.
It ain't hip to sing about tractors, trucks, little towns, and mama, yeah that might be true.
But this is country music and we do

Well you like to drink a cold one on the weekend and get a little loud
Do you wanna say I'm sorry or I love ya but you don't know how?
Do you wish somebody had the nerve to tell that stupid boss of yours
to shove it next time he yells at you?
Well this is country music and we do

So turn it on, turn it up, and sing along
This is real; this is your life in a song
Yeah this is country music.

Are you haunted by the echo of your mother on the phone
Cryin as she tells you that your brother is not coming home?
And if there's anyone that still has pride and the memory of those
that died defending the old red, white, and blue,
This is country music and we do

So turn it on, turn it up, and sing a long
This is real; this is your life in a song
Just like a road that takes you home
Yeah this is right where you belong
This is country music
This is country music
You Stop Lovin Her Today
Hello Dolly
God Bless the USA
Amarillo by the Morning
Stand by your Man
Take Me Home 
I Walk the Line
Country Boy Can Survive

this song sums up all of country music and why i love it.  country music is the only genre of music where you can sing about cancer, Jesus, and supporting the troops and still be loved by the fans. country artists will talk about their real life, they'll write songs about break-ups, and relationships and love, like every other genre. but country artists will bring their real life into their music, which makes the fans feel so connected to the singers. and, of course, there are some songs that aren't so nice and clean, but there are so many amazing songs that cover them up.  THIS is why i love country music. written by "the wifferwoo" (this name was made up with the help of my cousin, nick, also)

Friday, November 19, 2010

meet my babies

okay, so obviously i'm not married, so obviously i don't have any kids. (conservative Chrisian here). but i do have two adorable babies. first there's nerman, i got her when i was in kindergarten from a friend from school.  she is now 13 years old.  she is very shy until she gets to know people.  she doesn't really like little kids, until they learn to be more calm around her. her favorite things are little toy stuffed animals, she attacks these things and "kills" them, and then meows until i come and congratulate her.  she is also a big fan of food, she is a little more on the hefty side.  her favorite foods are cookie crumbs, chips and cheese, and cat treats. another thing she likes is heat, we have an in-the-ground heater that she'll sit on if she feels heat coming out of it.  then there's millie, she's a pomeranian, the cutest one out there. she is also very try, the phrase "her bark is worse than her bite" fits her very well. once she gets to know people, she's very excited to see them. i got her about 3 years ago, she is now 5 years old. her favorite things are "treaties" (said in a high-pitched voice), snuggling with me, and playing with the other cats around the house (which they don't enjoy so much).  every once in a while, she will get really crazy when she's outside and she runs all over the place, like forrest gump, just 10x faster, it's really funny. they are both my babies, and they love me more than i love them, although they may not look ferocious, they would kill for me (nerman kind of already has, mice that it). but i would also kill for them, because i also love them more than they love me. signing off for now, this is "the wifferwoo".



"families are like fudge, mostly sweet with a few nuts" (author unknown).  well, i thought i'd introduce you to my family.  first, there's my mom and dad, who got married in the late 1980's, and decided to start a family.  first they had, well, katelyn.  she's the blonde one of the family, probably the blondest person i know.  she is 21, almost 22 and living in India right now for an internship, but will be coming home in 19 days! i'm very excited. then my parents got really lucky, and had me, their little angel.  you will get to know more about me throughout later posts in my blog. but i'm going to college (as you already know), and i'm planning on being a vet tech. but we'll see what God has planned for my life.  i find out more and more, DAY BY DAY, that what i had in mind, isn't exactly His plan.  then my parents adopted Shaelyn, my younger sister, who just turned 8.  they started the whole adoption process, from what i can remember, when in was in third grade, BUT, there was a lot of problems.  finally, right before i started sixth grade, they left for China to get her.  she is growing up very fast, and learning great things from me each day. although, as we all know, families aren't perfect.  this is the way God planned our family out to be, and we are perfect for each other, the puzzle pieces just fit somehow.  don't know how?, but they do, and i love them. until next time, this is the wifferwoo signing off.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


me and katelyn

me and shaelyn on halloween
Well, if you're reading this, you've made it to my blog.  i will try to post at least once a week, but with being a college student and all, it might be difficult at times. i just started thanksgiving break, so i might have a few more this up and coming week than i usually will. if you have any questions (that are not too personal) about me, post them in the comments, and i will answer them in my next post. i hope you enjoy my blog. until next time, this is chezzy louise the wifferwoo signing off. (that is the nickname katelyn gave me, don't know why? and i will be using it as my "blog name" from now on)