Monday, November 28, 2011

season's greeting! happy holidays! merry x-mas!

...or in other words Merry Christmas!!!

welcome back to the "most wonderful time of the year!"

everybody knows that I love the Christmas season, and pretty much everything about it.

Like I said, from my post last year, I'm not the type that gets extremely stressed out about the Christmas rush, so this time of year is very uplifting for me.  In two weeks, I'm done with this quarter of the school year, so I pretty much have nothing to stress about, and I can just enjoy my life. 

But, up there (where I said "pretty much everything") there is one thing that really irritates me about this season.  And you might know where I'm going with this, but, it's the fact that some people are offended by the word "Christmas", so you "have to be careful" about who you actually say "Merry Christmas" to.  I'm sorry, but when did Christmas start offending people? Now we have to start saying "Happy Holidays"?  Last time I checked, there is a lot more holidays throughout the year, so can we say Happy Holidays then too? If you ask people what their favorite holiday is, and it happens to be Christmas, what do they say? "Um, that one holiday that happens on the 25th of December", no, they say "Christmas!".

Okay, so all you non-tolerant people need to get it through your heads, the name of the holiday is "Christmas" therefore you say "Merry Christmas". Just like on Thanksgiving, you say "Happy Thanksgiving", or on Fourth of July, people say "Happy Fourth of July!".

So the point being, say what you wanna say this Christmas Season. But no matter what, the name of the holiday is still Christmas.  And no matter what happens, that's what I'll always  call it.

So, Merry Christmas for this whole season to you all.

On another note, starting in December, I'll be doing a "Song Countdown" until Christmas day. So, each day I'll post a Christmas song, maybe give a few words about it, maybe not, up until Christmas day.  I will still try to do my regular posting, but keep checking everyday for the "song of the day". And I will forewarn you now, the songs will most likely be sung by country singers, because that's what I have a lot of. But there will be a few here and there that won't (I already have some picked out).

Again, have a blessed Christmas season!

signing off, this is chezzy louise :) 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

it's thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

I could go on and on about all the things I'm thankful for. I could tell you the story about the first thanksgiving we ever had in America. Or I could just be here to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. And that's what I'm here to do.

So, once again, Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope all is well for you on this day.  It's not a very "exciting" day over here, but a very relaxing day none-the-less.  I'll be working tonight, and then heading out to do a little black friday shopping.  Yes, that's right, I'm a bit crazy.  I do have a life though, and I am not camping out like other crazy people. 

So, on this day we are reminded to be thankful for the things, and people, in our lives.  Not only today, but all the other days we should be thankful for the stuff we have.  We need to especially remember to be thankful for the stuff we don't like to do (that was in our kids message this morning at church, ha).  For example, I hate picking up the garbage after my dog, Lexi, knocks the trash cans over (she has this habit of always tipping trash cans for).  But I can be very thankful that I have a dog like her, she has added a lot of joy to my life.  Kind of a ridiculous example, but it still makes sense.

So once again, happy thanksgiving to y'all.  I'll see you soon.

Signing off, this is Chezzy.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

a long post, but the end of (what seemed like) a decade...

day 27, 28, 29, and 30 (yes, all in one post)

just finishing this 30 day challenge up before thanksgiving and Christmas begin.

day 27: a picture of myself with a family member

well, since i've had all my other family members in this challenge, it's shaelyn's turn.

this goofy, silly, very loud, and SUPER energetic girl has definitely changed my life
(yes, for the better)

10 yrs. ago, I never would have imagined my life like it is today.

you were definitely a "missing piece" of our puzzling family, and that is why you fit so nicely in with us.

day 28: a picture of something i'm scared of

this one doesn't need too many words. SPIDERS!

they are digusting creepy-crawly animals that do not need to be so numerous on this earth. (especially in my house). i don't think i will ever find a place in my heart for them. i don't see them as one of God's beautiful creatures. and i will take a vacuum to them any day.
they completely gross me out.

day 29: a picture that can always make me smile

there is a lot of pictures that make me smile, so i looked back at some old photos.
(i love looking back at the "good ole days" when i was so care-free in life).

i just made a collage of photos that all make me smile or laugh and here's what i came up with:

day 30: a picture of someone i miss

well, i can't pick and choose favorites on this one.

three of my grandparents have all passed away. they were the closest ones to me that have gone to Heaven. so, again, i just made a collage of my grandparents that are all watching over me right now in Heaven. although i miss them, i feel very safe to have 3 guardian angels all looking out for me.

so there it is, this 30 day challenge is done.

and with that, this is chezzy louise signing off.

(i'll probably, most likely, see you on thanksgiving)

Monday, November 21, 2011

day 26

day 26: a picture of something that means a lot to me

something that means a lot to me is Proverbs 3:5 (if you remember my "favorite verse" post).

this verse has such a great meaning to me. so that would be why this picture means a lot to me.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, 
and lean not on your own understanding"
~Proverbs 3:5

signing off, this is chez


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

day 25

day 25: a picture of my day

i was waiting for more of an eventful day, so that i wouldn't bore you to tears with a post for today.  well, today was a bit more eventful and "out-of-schedule" than my regular life, so, today's the day.

first, i went to the theatre with my mom and saw the final harry potter movie (yup, finally). it was really good, i'm very happy with how all of those movies turned out. i never did read the books (b/c i hate reading), but i loved the movies. 

we also did a bit of shopping after that, didn't buy much though.

then, i when we got home i started designing, decorating, making, )whatever you wanna call it) a very special shirt. this shirt is going to be for a very great movie that's coming out (technically friday, but, more-so, tomorrow!). Breaking Dawn pt. 1. i'm going to see the premiere (my first movie premiere ever!), so i'm designing a shirt especially for it.

after that, we went to church for supper (on wed. there's supper at our church before all the activties - gems, cadets, turning point, etc. - begin). and we got to have mashed potatoes! this is a very big deal for me because mashed potatoes are my favorite type of potatoes, and we haven't had them yet, so i was very excited about that.

the rest of the night consists pretty much of tv. wednesdays are a great tv night for me and my family.  if you recall from a previous post, criminal minds is my favorite tv show, with survivor as one of my top 5, and they are both on tonight.

today has been (and still continues to be) a great day.

so, pictures of my day:

signing off, this is chezzy louise

Friday, November 11, 2011

day 24 (6 more to go!!!)

day 24: a picture of something i wish i could stop

There's a lot of answers to this one...
but, being an animal-lover, I'd have to say animal abuse.

It breaks my heart every time I see an animal die, get hurt, or lost, but it really angers me when it's a result of abuse from someone who simply just doesn't have a heart.
I really don't understand how someone can just beat, burn, drown, hang, etc. and animal, it's so frustrating that there's only so much I can do, and yet, abuse still continues to happen everyday. 

If I could do anything to put an immediate end to this cruelty, I would.  I would give my life to stop it.  But, because that (obviously) doesn't work, I do what I can.  I plan to go further in stopping animal abuse (when I have a bit more money) and pray that one day, animal abuse laws will be stricter to make people a bit more "afraid" to abuse animals.

And I do realize that there is also child abuse going on out there too, and I support those causes just as much.  But because so many are aware, and there's so many charities for that, I feel the need to bring awareness about animal abuse.  I simply just have a huge space in my heart for animals, and I will never give that up.  Animals are the one of the things that really make me feel better. It's music for some, a close relative or friend for others, and for me it's animals (esp. my own pets).

So with that, I'll be signing off.
Until next time, this is Chezzy Louise
Have a great weekend :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

day 23

day 23: a picture of my favorite book

i'm really not one for reading, it takes a REALLY interesting book for me to actually get into the book, and it has to get interesting right in the very beginning. so i can't really say that i have a favorite book.

so, now that you know all that, a book that i do find really interesting is a devotional book i'm reading right now. i know it sounds like a "typical Christian" to say some sort of Christian book, but honestly, this book is a great read for those who have difficulty with prayer.

the book is called "Why Pray?" by John F. Devries.  each day there is different segments on why it is important to pray, and it really helps those who struggle to pray. i am not all the way through it yet, but so far, it has really helped me learn how to pray. 

signing off, i'm chez

Thursday, November 3, 2011

friday funnies

well, with the cma awards comin up in the next week,
(tune in november 9, on abc @ 8:00),
i thought i'd share some opening monologues from previous seasons.

(NOTICE: if you don't really pay attention to media or don't listen to country music often, you might not find them funny. i wouldn't know though, just a warning)

here is the first year of brad and carrie hosting together, obviously they did very well because they have been asked back every year since

43rd cma awards

...and, their 3rd year together, at the 44th cma's.

they are back to host their 4th year together this year, so if you thought these were funny, you are sure to get more laughs next wednesday. (as said earlier, november 9th on abc, 8:00)!
it is always a great show.

signing off, this is chez

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

day 22

day 22: a picture of something i wish i was better at

well, i have this weird habit of hitting my head, A LOT! (at least once a day).
so, something i wish i was better at, is "watching my head".

signing off, this is chezzy louise :)