Wednesday, November 16, 2011

day 25

day 25: a picture of my day

i was waiting for more of an eventful day, so that i wouldn't bore you to tears with a post for today.  well, today was a bit more eventful and "out-of-schedule" than my regular life, so, today's the day.

first, i went to the theatre with my mom and saw the final harry potter movie (yup, finally). it was really good, i'm very happy with how all of those movies turned out. i never did read the books (b/c i hate reading), but i loved the movies. 

we also did a bit of shopping after that, didn't buy much though.

then, i when we got home i started designing, decorating, making, )whatever you wanna call it) a very special shirt. this shirt is going to be for a very great movie that's coming out (technically friday, but, more-so, tomorrow!). Breaking Dawn pt. 1. i'm going to see the premiere (my first movie premiere ever!), so i'm designing a shirt especially for it.

after that, we went to church for supper (on wed. there's supper at our church before all the activties - gems, cadets, turning point, etc. - begin). and we got to have mashed potatoes! this is a very big deal for me because mashed potatoes are my favorite type of potatoes, and we haven't had them yet, so i was very excited about that.

the rest of the night consists pretty much of tv. wednesdays are a great tv night for me and my family.  if you recall from a previous post, criminal minds is my favorite tv show, with survivor as one of my top 5, and they are both on tonight.

today has been (and still continues to be) a great day.

so, pictures of my day:

signing off, this is chezzy louise

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  1. Sounds like a good day! I love Wednesdays with Survivor too. Nice shirt!