Thursday, November 3, 2011

friday funnies

well, with the cma awards comin up in the next week,
(tune in november 9, on abc @ 8:00),
i thought i'd share some opening monologues from previous seasons.

(NOTICE: if you don't really pay attention to media or don't listen to country music often, you might not find them funny. i wouldn't know though, just a warning)

here is the first year of brad and carrie hosting together, obviously they did very well because they have been asked back every year since

43rd cma awards

...and, their 3rd year together, at the 44th cma's.

they are back to host their 4th year together this year, so if you thought these were funny, you are sure to get more laughs next wednesday. (as said earlier, november 9th on abc, 8:00)!
it is always a great show.

signing off, this is chez

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