Tuesday, November 30, 2010

the most wonderful time of the year!

     it's that time of year again! the time of the year that i enjoy the most. not to say that the rest of the year i don't enjoy. but i absolutely love the christmas season. i love the decorations, lights, trees, food, music, snow, celebrating Jesus' birth, getting together with family, presents, and anything else i may have forgotten. i'm not the type of person who gets stressed over this type of stuff, trying to quick buy that last gift or two last minute. i just go with the flow, and if i happen to have the time and money, i will go out shopping for the presents i need to get. i might get a little flustered trying to figure out what to get, but nothing that gets me up in a tizzy.
     for me, christmas is a joyful time, and it should be for everyone else too, even if you have to be wth some people that may annoy you, your mother-in-law, that crazy uncle, that annoying cousin or two, a cranky aunt. when you are forced to have to see them on christmas, don't let it get to you, enjoy the fact that you have a family to spend it with, i'm sure there are other people in the family who you really get along with. christmas is meant to be a day of joy, love, and laughter, even if it's spent with somebody who doesn't know the meaning of any or just one of those words. God gave us his son, and we are celebrating that, why should we be so unhappy and stressed about that.
throughout the christmas season, if you find yourself really stressed, just sit down and relax for a bit. pray, read a Bible verse, think of something that you are looking forward too, and remember that God is right there with you. those last few sentences could go with anytime of the year, but with it being the christmas season, a lot of people are usually more stressed during this season than they are the rest of the year. but whenever you feel stressed, just relax, God will get you through it. and with that, the wifferwoo is signing off, have a blessed christmas season.   


  1. I enjoy Christmas too, but do get stressed at times! And - what's this about a cranky aunt? :)

  2. I'm glad you didn't say anything about a mother! I love the picture you put up. Your tree looks so nice.

  3. mari, i'm not blaming anyone in my family. i'm just talking about the world in general. a lot of people have that 1 person in their family that just gets to them. but if i was speaking of my family, it would be cheri for sure. jk :-)