Thursday, November 25, 2010

happy thanksgiving!!

happy thanksgiving everybody! i want to give a special happy thanksgiving to two indians (i thought it was fitting). okay so they aren't really indians, but a special one to katelyn and kath, i hope you enjoy it even without your family there, we are always thinking of you over here. in church this morning, there was a kid's message about the very first thanksgiving, and how the pilgrims were so thankful even after 90 Indians showed up at their feast, when they were only expecting a few. the next thanksgiving, they only had 5 kernels of corn on each plate, so each pilgrim stood up and listed five things they were thankful for.  so i'm going to give you five things i'm thankful for.
1. freedom: to live in a country where we have so much of it
2. God: to live in a place where i can hear about God everyday
3. family and friends: people that have stuck by me my entire life
4. music: listening to it in church this morning, it was absolutely
amazing (especially country and christmas music)
5. beauty in the world: all of these wonders that God has made, it's
so amazing to see it everyday. even if you don't live by mountains
or by an ocean, you can still see his majesty from the tiniest snowflake
or raindrop, to the biggest tree in the sky. it is all equally beautiful

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  1. Great Thanksgiving post! I think it's fitting to send greetings to the two Indians too!