Friday, November 19, 2010



"families are like fudge, mostly sweet with a few nuts" (author unknown).  well, i thought i'd introduce you to my family.  first, there's my mom and dad, who got married in the late 1980's, and decided to start a family.  first they had, well, katelyn.  she's the blonde one of the family, probably the blondest person i know.  she is 21, almost 22 and living in India right now for an internship, but will be coming home in 19 days! i'm very excited. then my parents got really lucky, and had me, their little angel.  you will get to know more about me throughout later posts in my blog. but i'm going to college (as you already know), and i'm planning on being a vet tech. but we'll see what God has planned for my life.  i find out more and more, DAY BY DAY, that what i had in mind, isn't exactly His plan.  then my parents adopted Shaelyn, my younger sister, who just turned 8.  they started the whole adoption process, from what i can remember, when in was in third grade, BUT, there was a lot of problems.  finally, right before i started sixth grade, they left for China to get her.  she is growing up very fast, and learning great things from me each day. although, as we all know, families aren't perfect.  this is the way God planned our family out to be, and we are perfect for each other, the puzzle pieces just fit somehow.  don't know how?, but they do, and i love them. until next time, this is the wifferwoo signing off.


  1. I think you've done a good job of describing your family, except you neglected to put that your mom talks a LOT! And there is nothing mentioned about your marvelous aunts. As a matter a fact, there may be a bit of exaggerating about you being an angel too. I seem to remember otherwise!

  2. well, i will include more about my extended family in future posts.

  3. She gets her angelness from her mother!