Wednesday, November 24, 2010

the other half

well, i'm here again, to introduce you to the other half of the household pets.  we'll start with the simple ones, missie and lexi. missie is katelyn's cat, she loves and adores being held and snuggled with. she enjoys sitting on people's laps, and will do almost anything for attention. she does have problems meowing though, it's a normal meow, but with the first half silent. so it sounds like "ow", we find it quite funny actually.
next, there's lexi. she's the family dog. other than being terriorial with her food, and being easily scared while sleeping (which then leads to her barking and almost tearing a limb off), she is a very gentle and easy-loving dog. she is very good with any age, but is very protective of the people she knows. if she meets somebody for the first time, with one of us there, she'll be there friend right away. she is (mostly) very obedient and will listen to our commands. she is a wonderful dog.
and then, there's meka, this could take up more than one post, but i'll try to keep it as short as possible. she belongs to shaelyn. and, although she may look like a cat, there's more to her than this curious-eyed "cutie". she may look cute, but she is extremely naughty, after getting her we learned the true meaning of the phrase: "curiosity killed the cat". we think there is also tiger, otter, and monkey in her body. she is extremely naughty, and, did i mention curious. she would be the cat on those posters you see with a picture of a cat looking in a mirror and seeing a tiger.  yeah, that's her. she absolutely, without-a-doubt HATES being snuggled or even held. she will meow for attention, but we never know what to do to her b/c she always backs away from any human contact. she is not scared of ANYTHING, she is "super-cat" (if she is scared of something, she won't show it). she also thinks that people are really dumb. for instance if she can't see us, then we surely can't see her, even if her whole body, but her head is showing. and, one last thing, if she had laser eyes, or "if looks could kill", we (meaning my whole family) would all be dead. signing off for now, this is the wifferwoo.  

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