Friday, November 19, 2010

meet my babies

okay, so obviously i'm not married, so obviously i don't have any kids. (conservative Chrisian here). but i do have two adorable babies. first there's nerman, i got her when i was in kindergarten from a friend from school.  she is now 13 years old.  she is very shy until she gets to know people.  she doesn't really like little kids, until they learn to be more calm around her. her favorite things are little toy stuffed animals, she attacks these things and "kills" them, and then meows until i come and congratulate her.  she is also a big fan of food, she is a little more on the hefty side.  her favorite foods are cookie crumbs, chips and cheese, and cat treats. another thing she likes is heat, we have an in-the-ground heater that she'll sit on if she feels heat coming out of it.  then there's millie, she's a pomeranian, the cutest one out there. she is also very try, the phrase "her bark is worse than her bite" fits her very well. once she gets to know people, she's very excited to see them. i got her about 3 years ago, she is now 5 years old. her favorite things are "treaties" (said in a high-pitched voice), snuggling with me, and playing with the other cats around the house (which they don't enjoy so much).  every once in a while, she will get really crazy when she's outside and she runs all over the place, like forrest gump, just 10x faster, it's really funny. they are both my babies, and they love me more than i love them, although they may not look ferocious, they would kill for me (nerman kind of already has, mice that it). but i would also kill for them, because i also love them more than they love me. signing off for now, this is "the wifferwoo".

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  1. OH that fat cat and her mouse killing. I just wish she would keep them by you.