Wednesday, December 8, 2010

pro-life or pro-choice, what's the difference?

     Abortion, one of the biggest issues in our country right now. You always hear the question "pro-life or pro-choice?" I am pro-life, but when you really think of it, is there a difference?  When people have their babies, they are CHOOSING to have them. But when they have an abortion, they are also CHOOSING.  There's only one thing wrong with this, what about the baby, does he/she get to choose anything?  So, if you say you are pro-choice, than the baby should get the choice, not you.  Now I know that some people say that the baby isn't really alive in there, and I'm not too smart when it comes to all of this stuff, but if he/she is not alive, than "why is he/she moving?" i learned from my biology class what separates living organisms from non-living matter, there were four things: 1. metabolism (chem. reactions) 2. sense and respond to environment 3. reproduce and evolve, and #4. MOVEMENT  just a simple point to say that the baby is living in there if it is moving.  also, if you can detect a heartbeat, how is the baby NOT alive? if the baby (or fetus) is moving and has a heartbeat, than it is obviously alive, and abortion is wrong. If the baby is not wanted, try the other "a" word "adoption".  Another family will be made a lot happier, and the baby will be kept alive.  I believe that if the mother is put in danger from the baby, and abortion is the only option, than it is okay. But other than that, abortion is never going to solve your problems. So if you are pro-life, than you want the baby to live, if you are pro-choice, than the baby gets to choose, either way, the baby will live and they should be the same thing. Everybody has a right to life. "A person's a person, no matter how small" (Horton Hears a Who) Signing off, this is the wifferwoo 


  1. Good job Chelsea- that was very well written!

  2. I would say you covered all the bases - and I love the quote you ended with!