Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve!

(Final song countdown post is below).
Merry Christmas Eve Everyone!
Have a great time with family and friends, and remember the reason we celebrate Christmas.
Presents: because God gave us an amazing present
Christmas Tree: Represents Jesus; He is the symbol of Christmas. When we look at the tree, or Jesus in the manger, we all think "Christmas!"
Christmas Lights: Represent God's love that shone so bright on that first Christmas.
Star on the tree: Represents the star that led the wisemen to Jesus.
Angel on the tree: Represents the choir of angels that sang of Jesus' birth.
Santa Clause: Represents God because he gives the gifts, just like God gave us the True Gift.
And of course I have to post something that will make y'all laugh,
after all this is a Christmas post.
(I will still do a Christmas post tomorrow (of course) to post the last Advent scripture and Merry Christmas wishes. So stay tuned!)


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