Wednesday, June 20, 2012

why God?

As you all know, recently President Obama came out in support of gay marriage. I'm not about to go on a whole "anti-gay" speech, but it just made me think once again "there goes more of God." It sounds really bad when I say it that way, but here's what I mean:

We keep coming up with new laws in this country, and every one of those laws is all about political correctness and equality. Every time we have a new law or idea, God is pushed more and more out of our country. 

For me, something like abortion is an obvious no. A baby is a human being and has every right to life as any other human being would. But with other things (like, gay marriage), it's not so black and white. A lady asked me before, "What do you think about this gay marriage?" I told her "I don't agree with it, but I will accept people who are gay." Which is my exact viewpoint on it. I don't agree with it, it is against Christianity, but it is also against my religion to exclude those who are different than others. Which is why it's so hard to argue against it.

Okay, so back on track here, I see our country heading in the way that gay marriage will be allowed everywhere, in every state. Well, what's next? Having more than 1 wife, or more than 1 husband? People might say "That's crazy!" But is it really? People were probably saying that same thing about gay marriage a few years ago.

People always say that church and state should be separate. I, however, disagree. Our country was founded by those who came here to practice Christianity, it was built off of Christianity. Why can't we stay focused on God? When we all look toward God, we are all united and focused on one thing. And that one thing (being God) helps us in our walk through life. 

So I guess I kind of do have an argument against all that stuff. Yes, I do believe in equality, but I also believe in a very powerful God and I live by His word. If we are all focused on God, our country would be much more united. So while people say, "We have the freedom of religion in this country", that's true, but why not practice the religion that this country was founded on.

More and more I see God getting pushed out of this country, not only by these new ideas, but people are trying to express their freedom. Like when they try to take "under God" out of the pledge of allegiance. That's what really makes me wonder "why God?" There are much better things that I can think of that we should push out of this country, and all of these "politically correct" people are trying to push God out, really?.

I know this post probably won't make a difference in how people think now. But I am, along with many others, focused on God, and I pray that He will help our country out. He is a very powerful God, I will always count on Him. So while there's not much I alone can do, I know there is a lot God can do. That's why I pray, that's why I believe in God.

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  1. Gay marriage is wrong - it goes against all of our moral beliefs and views but that being said - we cannot discriminate against gay people; jobs, housing etc. This is a tricky and difficult topic....