Monday, June 18, 2012

getting organized

I am a very organized person, my family all says I'm OCD, but I don't think I'm quite that bad. I just think being more organized makes things a lot easier, and it makes everything look so much neater.
I am so thankful to Pinterest for giving me so many ideas on how to stay organized. Some ideas I can use now, and some when I move out into my own home. I just hope that Pinterest lasts for a very long time so I will always have these tips around.

Here are some of the ideas that I find (or will find) very useful:

1. Using containers and letter stickers to label the food in the pantry, this will make for a much neater pantry and it will be easy to keep it neat.

 precisely, perfectly labeled pantry @Kira Kuipers

2. Still in the pantry, we all know how hard it is to organize all the canned goods. While, this won't work for all-sized cans, it will work for the standard-sized that are the most numerous in our pantries. Storing these in pop can boxes will work very well:

Canned food storage, i like @Terri Mulder

3. Using little plastic containers for our medicine cabinets. Store all the cold medicine in one container, pain meds in another, etc.

organized medicine cabinet-- BTW, this entire website has amazing organizing tips. @Stacy Plummer Yost

4. In my family, it's very hard to find presents for my dad. I think it's pretty typical for a lot of families that men are very hard to shop for. This would work as a great gift for them, organizing their work-space for them, using PVC piping:
PVC Pipe tool organization

5. There are many things you could do with this, but it is a great scheduling system. It can be hung in the kitchen or wherever is most convenient for your household:



  1. I love pinterest - so many good ideas! I also love my labelmaker!

  2. I love the pvc pipe idea. Not sure on the soup holder. It would be hard to see what kinds of soup you have. Fun to see other ideas though!

  3. pinterest is great - and yes, you are a bit ocd!