Friday, May 25, 2012

memorial day

Well, I'm off for the holiday weekend.
I'm going camping with the family, and plan to have lots of fun!

I was going to do a post for Memorial Day, but since I won't be here on Monday, I'll leave you with a little something today. 
Just want to thank everybody who has served, and currently is serving our country.
They pay the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom, and we can't thank them enough.
On this day (Monday), we remember all those who have died for this country, and all those who are willing to give their lives.
They deserve utmost respect and gratitude for what they are doing, and have done.
On Memorial Day, if you know somebody who has served (or currently is), or a family member of somebody who is, thank them. 
When I stand up in church on Sunday every year because I have a family member who's fighting, and a family member who has fought, I am very proud. It should not be something that people "are nervous" doing, people should be very proud that they are close to somebody so brave and willing. 
So, here's to the heroes!

(I had to add this, it is amazing)


  1. Nice tribute Chelsie! I like the videos too, Have a fun weekend - I'll be working all of it. :(

  2. I agree! We have so many friends that are currently serving and I have family who have served. IT is so important to thank them and honor them for the sacrifices they have made so that we can all live the way that we do. Great post!