Wednesday, December 14, 2011

hard life...

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Brad Paisley has done it again...given another reason why he is such a great guy.  He has a new single called "Hard Life".  It was written by his friend, Joe Kindregan who has A-T. 
A-T is a rare, fatal, genetic disease that combines symptoms of cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, immune deficiencies, and cancer.  This song was written for a charity called the
A-T Children's Project, and all proceeds from this song will benefit that charity.

This song can be meaningful to anybody who has some form of disease, whether it be physical, mental, or emotional.  Because (as most of you know) I have a physical disease, this song really hits close to home with me, which helps me love this song (and Brad) all the more.  It really makes me happy when people of that popularity are always "looking out" (so to say) for those who have diseases (especially those who have fatal, debilitating diseases, and those who have physical abnormalities).  It makes the rest of the world more aware of all the rare diseases that are out there. 

Also, when a song is written (as in this case), it makes people with a disease feel like that song (in a way) was written "for" them.  Not only is the world more aware of those diseases, but it also helps them realize how to treat people with a disease.

So once again, Good Job Brad Paisley (and Joe)!

signing off, this is miss louise :)


  1. Good song Chelsea, and I like what you had to say too.

  2. good pick - what a great way to help a good cause