Thursday, December 8, 2011


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I have lost almost all of my grandparents. Except for my grandpa on my mom's side.  I just started realizing how much of a blessing it is to have him around.  He is such an amazing guy, and a great role model in life, (and I'm sure everybody who knows him would agree with me on that).  They always say "You never realize what you have til it's gone." And this is me taking advantage of that.  No, I'm not saying he'll leave us anytime soon, but I want to make sure I "receive" every lesson and wise words from him, so that I can live like he does. 

He is a guy who I try live my life like.  So many people know him, and yet out of all those people, nobody has ever had a complaint about him in any way.  Yes, he is that great.
So this is for you grandpa, although you will probably never see this, it doesn't matter.
Everybody in this video loves you, along with many more people.
Love you!

Signing off, this is chezzy.


  1. He really is wonderful and we are blessed to have him~!

  2. Couldn't agree more. We are very blessed!

  3. I've met your grandpa and this is a wonderful video about him!!! Nicely done!!!