Saturday, July 9, 2011

i'm back...from a wonderful week

well, i had an awesome 4th of july week at the campground. i started the 4th with the wonderful parade that used to be a tradition until we started camping, but this year me and my katelyn went. 
waiting before the parade

the marines
after the parade, we headed out to the campground to join the rest of the family, and my uncle to celebrate with them. we played games and had a wonderful supper. 

at night, i went out with katelyn and alex to watch the musical fountains and fireworks.

the rest of the week was spent relaxing by the campground. we had a cousin come visit on tuesday, my friend came and visited on wednesday, and friday we had more family come and visit. it was completely full of R&R, games, and laughs (mixed with a little sunburn, that turned into a nice tan!).

and of course, we ended the week with a beautiful sunset by the beach.

it was an awesome time

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