Sunday, July 24, 2011

30 day challenge

day 11 - a picture of something i hate

easy, texting. i do think that texting has it's benefits, but it's gotten way out of control. it really gets under my skin when people can't keep their hands off their phone for 10 minutes. get a life!!!

if people are going to sit and text back and forth constantly, "just call them". i have used texting to send someone a quick message, but if you're going to have a whole conversation with them, it really is better to call.

i think the reason it really annoys me is because i always seem to have a problem with it in the worst of places (where texting is totally unnecessary): a movie theatre and school.

so, day 11 - a picture of something i hate: texting

signing off, this is chez

1 comment:

  1. drives me crazy too - there's a place and time for things but so many people don't know when to shut it off!