Monday, July 11, 2011

blessings (cont...)

so yesterday i wrote about counting your blessings. today is a continuation from that, but with a different song. can you guess who might the artist might be?

brad paisley! anyways, he has a song on his new cd called "one of those lives". it talks about how people say "it's just been one of those days", but then it goes to say that we have no right to complain because for some it's one of those lives. 

our lives are something we always take for granted, and we need to remember that somewhere out there, somebody else has it worse than you. so, everybody has trials and hardships, and bad days, but it could be worse.

we also need to remember that, there is somebody who is thinking of you (unless you are above everyone else on this earth). if you are praying for those who don't have it as good as you do, somebody else who has it better than you is also praying for others.

so, count your blessings, pray for others, and you will be blessed.

signing off for now, this is chezzy 

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  1. Good song and I really like what you wrote too.