Sunday, November 4, 2012


As annoyed as everybody is by all the politics that are everywhere, I've got some for you too! (insert sarcastic laugh)
I'm not going to urge you to vote left or right, Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, etc. I'm going to ask you to vote for this country as a whole.
You most likely know how I'm going to vote (based on previous posts), but that's beside the point, just pay attention to what I'm going to tell you now.
This country needs a lot of help right now, with a lot of things: jobs, Christian views, GAS PRICES, and alliances with other countries to name a few problems. Can I promise that either of these candidates will fix all of these problems? Of course not, but I can promise that if we choose the right person, that he will help these problems get smaller, with the help of others.
One thing that really sticks out to me is the Christian beliefs of this country. Many say that Christianity and politics need to be kept separate, but think back to when this country started...people built this country off of Christian values. Also, other nations around the world see our nation as a Christian nation. Don't think that we should make a law that everybody should become a Christian, BUT, we should realize that we will accomplish a lot more as a nation if we base it off Christianity.
Right now, I don't see our country as a Christian nation. I think we need to start heading in that direction again to help this country accomplish a lot more.
I pray that you take this to heart and really THINK about who you are voting for and what you stand for.
I also pray that whoever this country chooses, even if it's not who I wanted, that God will lead him in the right direction so he can help our country out.
I love America, a nation where we have the freedom to vote (even though I believe some people use that freedom wrong.)
This might bring a little humor to all of the politics, and hold you over til Tuesday:

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  1. I'm really ready for it to be done! I'll be voting for the same guy you are. :)