Thursday, March 29, 2012

one adorable baby

We had a very special visitor on wednesday.
My cousin brought Alaina over for us to take care of in the afternoon, we had a lot of fun.
So much fun was had that I didn't get too many pictures, but the ones I got will do justice to show how adorable she is.

I named two of her toys, which she really liked.
And I also taught her a little bit about country music.

She's learning how to spit, which was really cute.
She had fun spitting at Shaelyn, and then laughing at her.

It may look like she's in the middle of a sneeze here,
but I assure you, it's just a really big smile.

It was quite a fun day, and she is really starting to like me.
(I think I may be her favorite cousin) :)


  1. Isn't she fun to have around? Her smiles light up a room. Glad you enjoyed her and I know Laura appreciated you watching her.

  2. it was fun and she is so cute - i loved the way she spit at shaelyn too!