Thursday, September 1, 2011

day 17

i'm not coming up with anything interesting to post lately, so i'll just continue with my 30 day challenge.

day 17: a picture of something that has made a huge difference/impact on your life recently

since nothing really "huge" has happened to me recently, i'd have to say college. college is something that always makes a big difference in somebody's life, whether it be a totally
new experience, switching colleges, or coming back after years of not going. 

but this difference for me was a good thing. i was VERY nervous at first (as is anyone with a new experience), but i "learned" the hidden rules of college life, and i really enjoyed it. i will be starting up again in a few weeks, and again, i am nervous for a new year to begin, but i am also looking forward to it, because i know what i'm doing this year. (not to mention, i have a certain cousin that i get to go with this year!).

that's about it, so signing off, i'm chezzy :)


  1. You'll do great again this year! It's nice that a certain cousin will be there too!

  2. Most everything is great except for the bill!