Tuesday, August 23, 2011

i'm back, with day 15

so, it's been a bit, and i decided to get back to my 30 day challenge...

on to day 15: a picture of something i wish to do before i die

adoption! ever since i was little i have always dreamed of adopting a little girl from china. my parents ended up doing just that, and it definitely has changed my world, and made me want to adopt even more. so, i'm hoping that after a few years of marriage, that me and my (future) husband will be able to adopt as well. and yes, i have expanded my horizons a bit, and don't want to do just china. i'm hoping to adopt from (as well as china), ethiopia (or somewhere in africa), and guatemala.

i don't really have a bucket list, but if i did, this would really be the only thing on it.

so anyways, adoption is something i really really hope to do before i die.

this is chezzy louise, and i'll check back in soon! :)

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