Sunday, August 28, 2011

bieber fever v. cyrus virus (the finale)

so, 6 months ago from today, i promised you guys i'd give you an update on my feelings about miley cyrus and justin bieber in this post. well, it's been 6 months already, and i have to say my feelings have changed a bit for each of them.

i'll start off with miley. i do have to admit, we have not heard anything about her at all in the media lately (which hopefully means that she's been keeping herself controlled). i don't know if she is just hiding from paparazzi, or if they aren't catching her on anything (but, let's all be honest, is it even possible to hide from the paparazzi, especially for someone like that). so, i still think she completely went the wrong way in life. but i'm hoping that maybe she's fixing herself up a bit, and is just trying to put her life back together. so, to sum it up, i do believe there's some hope for her yet.

moving onto bieber (and in this situation, i do realize 6 months isn't a real long time, but it's enough to be taken over by popularity). but, anyways, i still respect him, and no i do not have, nor will i ever catch bieber fever. i will listen to some of his songs (every once in a while), but i'm not obsessed, nor a huge fan. but if i met him, i wouldn't mind talking to him. if i see him on tv, i don't go "ugghh, it's bieber". needless to say, he does look a lot better since his haircut and i do realize some of his songs/music videos may be cheesy, but obviously some girls love love his music. everybody has a different taste in music, and some is meant for different ages (how many tweens do you see rockin' out to hymns played on the organ, most would probably say "ugggh" to that). yes, bieber may still be a bit full of himself at times, but it happens way less than it did when he first became really popular. so, to sum this one up: i don't hate bieber, nor do i LOVE him. but i like and respect him, he still stands as a good role model for younger kids.

in the end, i guess my feelings have changed for the better in the last 6 months. and i will be prepared to share my feelings next time they change for either of these two. but for now, i am pretty much neutral on both of them, but i respect bieber (miley will have to do a lot more than "not be in the media" to earn my respect for her back)

for now, i am signing off. good night friends. :)

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