Thursday, June 23, 2011

passion for bashin!

waiting in line
if you know me, you know i love country music.
one of the country radio stations i listen to does a birthday party for their radio station every year in june.  it's called the birthday bash. this is where they invite a few country singers (ones that are more up and coming, and then one or two big headliners) to put on a concert for free.  it's an outdoor concert that is over the course of two days, saturday and sunday. you can go both days, and camp out there, or you can go just one day.

kip moore!
 a lot of people will just lay on blankets in their swimsuits and just listen to the music. and they have mostly fair foods, but subway and tgi friday's as well, so you have a variety to choose from. they also limit the # of drinks people get, so there's nobody there that will get out of hand. (and there's security and stuff, that will get rid of people if they do get too rowdy)

this year, i had the privilege of going to the bash. it was really cool. i went with katelyn and a friend on sunday. we had perfect weather (it was hot at times), but it couldn't have been better for this type of thing. we saw gunnar and the grizzlies, kip moore, randy montana, josh kelley, ashton shepherd, gary allan, and josh turner. 

josh turner, such an amazing guy
i got to meet kip moore, i got his signature along with a picture of him and a picture with him. ashton shepherd was really good. and josh turner, well, of course he was absolutely amazing. we all plan on going again next year depending on who will be singing next year, and hoping our schedules will work out.

it is a really fun time, where you are pretty much free to do anything (legal that is). it is one big redneck party. :)
signing off, this is chezzy :)

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