Wednesday, June 8, 2011

all in the serve

being a Christian, I know what it means to "serve"

there was a movie at my church library called The Second Chance, and it's all about how when you serve others, you are serving Jesus.

there is one city, but one side of this city is very poor and run-down, while the opposite end is just that. it's richer, and nicer-looking. 

the minister from the run-down side had come to the nicer side to speak at that church and ask for help serving over there. but most of these people just gave money in the offering plate thinking they were "helping". when in reality, the run-down end just needed help keeping prostitutes and gangs off the street, and just showing a Christian attitude. and only giving money would not get the job done.  

the minister from that side was getting sick of people giving their money thinking they had helped them, because he knew that they didn't want to come down to his side and help out.  so pretty much the movie is about serving others, not just giving.  

two things can be taken from this movie:
1. if you are putting money in the offering plate every week, or giving money to other charities, you are helping. but make sure you also put yourself out there and help those charities as well. volunteer not only your $$, but your time as well. 

2. if you are struggling with money, and can't give as much to church or charities as you usually do, don't feel like you have to "make that up". if you are giving up your time, that God is just as happy with you.  if you are serving others, that is just the same (and I think better) than just dropping money in the plate every week.

I really recommend this movie to you, it is really interesting and moving.  (and, michael w. smith stars in it, for those of you who like him). it is not too long either (i think it's about 90 min.) but it will be worth your time. 

signing off, this is chezzy louise

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  1. We have that movie in our church library too. It was good.