Tuesday, April 19, 2011

30 day challenge - day 04

well, day 04 was actually supposed to be a picture of my night. but i changed it to a picture from my favorite night, b/c i'm not really doing this day-by-day, and my night would bore you to tears if i explained it to you. although doing a picture of my favorite night is a bit harder, it might be a bit more interesting.

so, day 04: a picture of my favorite night

i chose one that happened recently because i can remember it the most. it's from the superbowl of 2011, it was def. the superbowl that i was the most into. a family friend of ours came over because her tv doesn't work that well, and she was really into it. we all got kinda crazy about it. then, the packers won, and we were jumping out of our seats. we would do a special touchdown dance every time they got a touchdown (or even if they just got a kick, or whatever you call it). it was a great night!

(p.s., millie really enjoyed it too)

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