Saturday, April 2, 2011

30 day challenge {blog style} - day 1

well, because i seem to have nothing really interesting to write about. i'm going to do this 30 day challenge thing on my blog. it's really for facebook, and i am doing it on facebook. but i'm putting it on my blog to at least have something to write about. (hopefully y'all find it at least somewhat interesting). 1: a picture of myself with twenty facts (some of which you may or may not know)

1: i would've never made it this far in my life without God by my side (always there to catch me when i fall)
2: i would love to try surfing, even though i know i would do horrible
3: i love to dance, and may not be the best at it
4: i am a popaholic, but am working on becoming less of an addict to it
5: i also love chocolate milk (actually more than pop, but don't have access to it as much as pop)
6: i LOVE country music
7: (cont. from #6) i LOVE LOVE LOVE brad paisley (you shoulda known that)
8: my favorite family movie is cars (and brad paisley might have something to do with that)
9: my favorite "non-family" movie is pirates, or national treasure, or lord of the rings
10: i love my family and friends a lot. one or the other, or both are always there for me
11: i am also a laughaholic. i laugh really easily (it runs in the family)
12: i also tend to cry really easily, especially when it comes to animals (also runs in the family)
13: millie is my baby, and nermie is my cutie pie
14: i am an animal lover
15: i want to have 5 or 6 kids (maybe 4, depending on financial status)
16: none of those kids will be biological, because i am not getting pregnant
17: guatemala was an amazing vision trip that made me way more greatful for what i have
18: high school was not the worst years of my life, but i am starting to like college more
19: middle school was not the worst years of my life, but certainly the least enjoyable (esp. 7th grade)
20: my new year's "resolution" of 2011 is to find a boyfriend, no luck thus far

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  1. Really? Brad Paisley - I would have never known! :)