Tuesday, February 8, 2011

a little bit of Heaven

yes, i'm still here, and very much alive and healthy.  i've just never gotten around to posting due to lack of time and ideas.  this quarter of school is enjoyable, but i don't have a whole lot of spare time, and when i do, i don't use it to write a post on nothing. so, i finally thought of something to write about.
i absolutely love the drive home from college, it takes just under one hour, and i get to see many different beautiful scenes on the way. i drive home from about 4-5, so it's the perfect lighting from the sun (when it's shining) to see a lot of beautiful things. in the morning, it's really too dark to see much. 
i am never really able to stop and pull over to get pictures (esp. on the highway), but i have found a few on the internet that give you all a good idea of what i see, you've all seen pictures like this before i'm sure; but even driving through them twice a week i am still amazed every single time, i just love it.
as i was driving home today i thought "wow, my drive is absolutely awesome", yes it does get slippery a lot now that it's winter, but Jesus has the wheel, he will tell me what i need to do to keep from getting seriously injured.  (if i do happen to get injured, we all know it's just the devil trying to wiggle his way in). but i know i'll always be safe.  another thing i thought while looking at the sun shining down through the clouds: "this is a glimpse of heaven" i know it will be much more glorious than that.  but if we're all astounded when we see that, i can't even imagine how amazed we will be when we get to heaven, it will be absolutely wonderful.  anyways, here are some of the "bits of heaven" i get to see:

signing off for (only a short while),
this is chezzy louise


  1. I remember feeling the same way when I used to drive home from Nursing school. It took about 35 minutes and was a great way to unwind and look at the beautiful world God gave us!

  2. Winter can be beautiful in spite of difficult roads sometimes. A long drive can be the perfect time to do some talking to God!