Wednesday, February 16, 2011

grace like rain

     This is kind of a continuation of my "little bits of Heaven" post.  I made a video with a bunch of different pictures of "little bits of Heaven".  I was trying to decide what song to put with it.  I was scanning through them and, although a lot of pictures aren't really of rain, "grace like rain" stood out.  No matter how you're feeling in life, this song is always fitting.  "Grace like Rain" is one of my favorite songs, it describes the overall love of Jesus.  My favorite line, "grace like rain, falls down over me" it describes how the grace of God really works.  Just like rain washes all the "dirtiness" away, grace washes all the stains of your soul away.  I'll let the song do the rest of the work...
signing off, this is Chezzy Louise


  1. You found some gorgeous pictures! I think the song is perfect with them.