Friday, April 12, 2013

Siblings Day

This past Wednesday was apparently National Siblings Day.
I really haven't heard much about it other than this year, with it being a pretty major deal on Facebook.
So, I'd like to wish my sisters a Very Happy Siblings Day.
Although sometimes I wish I had a brother or two, I am very thankful for the two sisters God gave me.
Katelyn and Didley Squat (Shaelyn):
We've had our ups and downs together, but we've made it through them all. The best times I've had in life have been with you two, and I wouldn't trade any of those times for the world. You drive me crazy, but that's what makes me laugh and love you more (but don't get too carried away now). And I know you two are just as happy (if not more) to have me as the most awesome ninja sister ever. You couldn't have gotten a better sister than me, haha!
I love you to Infinity and Beyond!


  1. I couldn't comment on yesterdays post but today it's letting me! Anyway - family is great, especially when you have awesome siblings. Great video!

  2. i read the post :) love you too!