Monday, October 1, 2012

october, i gladly welcome you!

October is here, and I'm very happy about it!
Although September is sorta considered fall (aka autumn), I think that October is officially when the fall season starts. And being a Michigander, I love the changing of the seasons; especially fall and winter. I really do love all the seasons, but am always very ready when a new season rolls around. And there are so many things I love about fall: beautiful colors, cooler weather, warm clothes, hot chocolate, fuzzy boots, cma awards (hehe), etc.
Although you'll probably be hearing a post a lot like this when we see our first snowfall; right now, I am concentrated on, and excited for fall.
So, I am ready to turn another calendar page and break out my fuzzy boots and warm clothes, to start using my favorite mugs for some hot chocolate, to get my camera ready for some georgous shots, and to have my television set on ABC to watch the cma awards (which air November 1st at 8pm ET time, in case you'd like to know).
If you're not from around here, and don't get to enjoy the changing of the seasons, come on up here for a bit; we'd love to have you (you will not be dissappointed, I assure you).


  1. I hadn't seen that ad yet. It's a good one. We do live in a gorgeous area!

  2. I LOVE the cooler temps. This weather is perfect - warm during the day, cool at night. Gotta love the 4 seasons in Michigan!