Wednesday, July 18, 2012

introducing: "that's why i pray thursdays"

Lately, I have been lacking in coming up with ideas for different blog posts.
So I came up with the idea (well, actually a song sparked this idea) for myself that will help me do more blog posts for my readers out there.
This is something like my Tuesday Tips, Wordless Wednesdays, and Friday Funnies or Friday Favorites.

But this one is a little different in that it's a little deeper in thought.
"That's Why I Pray Thursdays" will most often be short and simple, but may help more of you (including myself) to become better at praying.
I am not a prayer warrior (not even close), and some of you may not be either, but I am reading a devotional book that helps people to become better at praying. Even for those of you who are good at praying, this will hopefully still be of interest to you.

Simply, what I'll do is post about things that show why I continue to pray. Some people wonder, "Why Pray?" and this will be like an answer to that. I most likely will not be posting every week on this, but I will try to do it often. 

Each time I post, it could be almost anything that I post about. 
It could be a picture, a simple quote, a summary of one of the devotionals I read, a music video, etc.; some will come with an explanation some won't. But they will all explain why I keep counting on God, why I pray to Him. 

So hopefully I'm able to keep you all interested in prayer, because:
"Prayer changes things."
That's why I pray.


  1. It can be so hard to think of things to blog about. This is a good one!