Saturday, May 14, 2011

exciting news!

okay, so some of you know that cars is probably my favorite movie for many reasons:
-it's funny
-has a great storyline (with a non-cheesy ending)
-great for the whole family
and last but certainly not least...
-brad paisley has not only one, but two songs in it

so, now you probably already know what i'm getting at,
but i'm going to say it anyways.

well, there's a second cars coming out, so of course i'm really excited.
i said "oh, maybe there will be more brad songs in it!"
well, low and behold, there is!
he will have two songs again in cars 2.
one will be during the movie, while the other will play during the credits.

brad said, and i quote: "So when U get to the / song in cars2, just know, I recorded 67 tracks of guitars for your listening pleasure."

He also got to see the movie, due to his part in it, and said it was an awesome movie that (if you have the chance) you have to go see it. 

so, i thought i'd let you know that because that makes the movie so much more special.

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  1. it does look like a good movie - i'm sure we'll see it or eventually rent it